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Close cooperation and many years of experience
On our mission for perfect sound!
Founded young, but with the experience of over thirty years.
Axel has made a name for himself in the headphone industry and set new sound standards. He has invented a whole range of headphones that now have cult status. He works as a consultant for well-known audio brands and several start-ups. The grell brand was founded in 2020.
The idea behind it: Now we make our own headphones.
grell is now a family business. The team pursues and lives the "mission of perfect sound". Everyone works closely together and can draw on many years of experience in their respective professional fields.
Axel Grell
Axel Grell
Acoustics & Electronics
Alexander Gruve
Alexander Gruve
Mechanical Design
Project Management
Karoline Grell
Karoline Herrmann, geb. Grell
Strategy & Organization
Katrin Härtel
Katrin Härtel
Strategy, Designmanagement, Product Design, Graphic Design
NIna Dreyer
Nina Dreyer
Gísli Ragnar Guðmundsson
Gísli Ragnar Guðmundsson
Customer Relation Management
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grell is part of a well-developed network of experts:
What we cannot do ourselves, we place in trusted hands.
Since 2022 we sell our products over our collaboration partner Drop. Drop is a community of passionate people to find and follow their interests in high quality mechanical keyboard & audiophile products.
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